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What People Are Saying

On a topic that few will talk about, but where many have been, Tami Roman and Wendi J. Turner take a brazen step of boldness to help others rebuild marriage bonds broken through betrayal and mistrust. Read and recreate unity and love, focusing on what is most important.

Pastor Mia WrightThe Fountain of Praise Church

Relationships are hard work and building your arsenal of instruction is imperative. Never let anyone determine your future since it’s so easy for you to control.

NeNe LeakesActress Television Personality

Tami Roman’s book is the unspoken truth that women ignore but truly need to embrace. The bigger issue is that families are falling apart. As women, we must figure out creative ways to keep our marriages strong and families together. This book is an innovative option.

Syleena JohnsonR&B Singer, Health Advocate and CEO

This book is important because a lot of women who think they know exactly what makes men happy could be doing all the wrong things. I have been the other woman before, so this book resonated with me. The other woman plays the role of an escape who completely understands the man and the chaos of relationships. This book offers helpful advice for women who want to maintain better personal relationships.

Jessica RichFashion Designer

This book is necessary because being the other woman seems more acceptable in today’s society. We, as women, must never question our worth and know we deserve to be the one and only woman in a man’s life.

Shamicka LawrenceTelevision Personality